Tracking events

Looking for backend events tracking?

Adding Feature Audit to your app

The following instructions assume that you’re somewhat familiar with analytics tools such as Google Analytics, mixpanel, and Intercom that require a degree of code integration. If you’re an owner or PM with a development team, the documentation below will tell them all they need to know to integrate Feature Audit into your application.

If you’re a developer yourself, you will recognize the implementation that you see below as very similar to posting events with Google Analytics or adding data to Intercom.

Post events to Feature Audit

To record user events and behaviors you need to call the following function:

_fa.track(event: string, feature: string);

event: can reference a specific interaction in your application.

feature: refers to the feature itself.

For example, the following events would track several granular events within the “Profile” and “Notification” features of an application.

_fa.track("Picture uploaded", "Profile");
_fa.track("Username changed", "Profile");
_fa.track("Message received", "Notification");
_fa.track("Message deleted", "Notification");
_fa.track("Messages filtered", "Notification");

We recommend event names built from a noun and past-tense verb.

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