Increase Feature Adoption with Feature Audit

Identify your most popular features and shed some light on which features are underutilized. No more complicated database queries or custom analytics dashboards!
Hover over the date to quickly move backward and forward in time. Hide/show features by selecting their color block in the legend on the right.

Understand Where Your Product Sticks and Where It Slips

Feature Audit plots your customers' activity on two axes, popularity (X) and frequency (Y). The features in the upper-right are performing well; the others may need some attention.

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Feature Chart

Make More Informed Product Decisions

Increase Adoption

Features in the upper left (few users, all the time) are valuable, but undiscovered. Insights with Feature Audit will help you address discoverability challenges or identify a niche audience you didn't realize you had.

Increase Frequency

Features in the bottom right (all users, little of the time) are useful, but not often. Gain more understanding about usage to optimize this feature so that users experience value every day.

Evaluate Removal

It's possible that unpopular and infrequently used features require more maintenance than they're worth. Feature Audit will bring these features to your attention so you can evaluate your options.

Simple Installation

Feature Audit is painless to install and easy to use. Either add a single line of code to your application or include it in your Google Tag Manager. It couldn't be simpler.

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Export your data

Your App, Your Data

We don't hold your data captive in case you ever decide to cancel your account. Every event you post to Feature Audit is available via a simple export.

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